Policies and Procedures

Parent Concerns: Click here for the Niggles (Complaints) Process, which is used by the school to work through parent concerns (updated 15/10/18)

SPS Policy Framework
000 – Trustee Code of Behaviour Policy
000 – Conflict of Interest Policy

100 Curriculum:
Curriculum Framework (NAG 1)
100 – Whānau Engagement Policy

Operational Policies delegated to the Principal:
100 – Curriculum Delivery Policy
100 – Van Use Policy
100 – Use of School Facilities By Outside Agencies (Click here for the Use of School Facilities Form)
200 – Engaging Parents & Whānau  in students’ learning journey
300 – Resource Teacher of Literacy (RTLit Policy); RTLit Policy: Appendix A
400 – Property Policy
500 – 500 Digital Citizenship Policy

200 Self Review:
Self Review Framework
Self Review Policy
Triennial Programme_Board Annual Work Plan (2021-2023)

300 Personnel: 
Personnel Framework (NAG 3)
Personnel Policy
Appointments Policy
Complaints Policy
Principals Performance Management Policy
Protected Disclosures Policy

400 Finance and Property:
Audited Financial Statements Year end 31 Dec 2019
Audited Financial Statements Year end 31 Dec 2018
Audited Financial Statements Year end 31 Dec 2017
Stratford Primary Audit Letter 2017
Finance and Property Framework (NAG 4)
Finance Committee Terms of Reference
Finance Policy Delegations
Credit Card Policy
Finance Operational Policies

500 Health and Safety:
Health and Safety Framework (NAG 5)
Health and Safety Policy
Child Protection Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy

600 General Legislation:
Legislative Framework
Student Discipline Policy
Enrolment Policy
Stratford Primary School Enrolment Zone
Stand Down, Suspension and Exclusion Policy

700-800 Charter/Analysis of Variance:
Charter Analysis of Variance Framework NAG 7/8