Overseas students

Stratford Primary School does not enrol students on overseas exchange programmes. However, there is capacity for students to enrol if they meet the following Ministry of Education guidelines and they live within the school enrolment zone. Note: Out of zone students would follow the ‘Out of Zone’ process. Click here to view.

Who is eligible?

Every child between the ages of 5 and 13 is eligible to enrol at Stratford Primary School if they are a domestic student.

  1. Is the student a New Zealand Citizen? Yes they can enrol, parents will need to show evidence of their citizenship status.
  2. Is the student a New Zealand or Australian resident? Yes, they can enrol with proof of their visa/passport.
  3. Domestic (Time bound) Students: Can also enrol when they meet one of the following conditions:
    • Parent has a current work visa (Verification documents = valid student visa or interim visa)
    • Parent is a New Zealand Citizen or Residence (Verification documents = Valid student visa or interim visa)
    • Refugee
    • Parent Scholarship
    • Parent has a military visa
    • Parent is doing a PhD at a New Zealand University
    • Parent is a diplomat
    • International adoption/child care/Victim of trafficking
    • Government approved exchange programme
    • MoE approved.

Source: Ministry of Education Circular 2017/01 – Eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools.