Enrolling at Stratford

Updated: April 2019

How do I enrol my son and/or daughter at Stratford Primary School?

  1. Stratford Primary School has an enrolment scheme in place. If parents live in the school zone they can automatically enrol their child at SPS. If you live outside the enrolment zone parents need to pre-enrol. Enrolment will need to follow the Enrolment Policy Process. To find out more about this process and to check the map click here… 600 Enrolment Policy and here… Stratford Primary School Enrolment Zone Map 2244.
  2. Important Note: Parents should enrol at Stratford Primary as soon as possible to help the school to determine spaces for future rolls.
  3. Contact the office staff to arrange a tour of the school. Please note, students cannot be enrolled until a tour has been completed. Students start on the day after they enrol. This allows time for the teacher to setup a positive first day for your son and/or daughter.
  4. Tour of the school: Aaron Moore (Deputy Principal) or Deborah Campbell (Associate Principal) will meet with parents and whanau. This will involve talking about the students learning, including their social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Stratford Primary School  wants to ensure each student has the best possible start, so knowing their before school background is important. This enables the school to identify any possible learning issues that may require additional support. Remember, the first three years of a child’s schooling are crucial.
  5. Parents and whanau will then complete the Stratford Primary Enrolment Form.
  6. Further information: Coming soon