Our Vision for Learners

In 2019, the Stratford Primary School Board of Trustees consulted with teachers and whānau on the school’s future direction.

Parents, whānau and staff developed a dream where we hope our tamariki grow up to be the best person they can be. We want our children to be outstanding young adults who demonstrate confidence in themselves, are resilient to cope with life challenges and want to keep learning. We want our Māori children to grow up with a strong sense of who they are and where they have come from (whakapapa). 

We believe our children can develop into community minded people who display empathy for other people and the environment. Where they have an awareness to consider and act on what is best for their local community and a globally connected world. We have a dream that all our children will have lots of choices when they enter the workforce so they can achieve their aspirations and contribute to the community they live in. We hope that our tamariki display the values, skills and dispositions to be the best they can be (AIM High) in all their life experiences. 

Our community believes if students learn through Big Idea concepts they will be better prepared to find solutions to problems that have no obvious answer in their future. We see Big Ideas should be shaped around the concept of what it means to be a citizen in a community that values New Zealand’s historical bicultural heritage and embraces an ever changing diverse society. We believe Citizenship Big Ideas should be interwoven with relevant concepts (globalisation, enterprise, sustainability and financial literacy) that will affect children. 

We also believe that our children must have the core basics around reading, writing and mathematics if they are going to be able to contribute in a future society. They are the foundation skills that underpin learning. Children must also be fit and healthy to support their learning, while sport helps them to cope with successes and failures in life. As a community, we understand that we live in a digital age and how this will impact on our tamariki’s future. We see digital technology as a tool to improve communication and connect to a global society.

To view ‘The SPS Vision’, ‘The SPS Mission’, ‘AIM High Values’ and ‘Strategic Goals’ from the 2020 Stratford Primary School Charter click here