SPS TRYathlon

Updated Monday 2 March 2023:

We are holding our own Weetbix TRYathlon on Wednesday 8th March. Here are some important details you need to know: 

Children will start the event at the pool, where the children will swim varying widths/lengths (depending on age or ability). From here they will get out of the pool and complete a run which will take them to school. They will then collect their bikes or scooters. Children will complete the TRYathlon by either cycling or scootering around the school, finishing off with a run onto the top field and through the finish line where they will be presented with a medal. 

***All Children will be shown a youtube video of the course they will be completing. These are available below:

Year 1-2 Scooter: https://youtu.be/rC5-6S0E4L4

Year 1/2 Bike: https://youtu.be/b0EWHM1Qzqc

Year 3-4 Scooter: https://youtu.be/X0lQTOg8LHQ

Year 3-4 Bike: https://youtu.be/8xYk-TNdKu4

Year 5-6 Scooter: https://youtu.be/1PffAnqRgCw

Year 5-6 Bike: https://youtu.be/gyquF2TtC2U

For those children who are cycling, there will be a bike drop off on Wednesday Morning on the bottom field beside the new pool. Signs will be posted so the bikes will be in class order and clearly labelled.  There will be someone monitoring this area. Don’t forget to leave your helmet with your bike. 

For those that are scootering, the drop off point for this will also be on the field by the new pool but at the top end.  Helmets for this section are encouraged but are not compulsory.  If your child is wearing a helmet please leave it with the scooter.

11.00am Year 1/2 
11.30am Year 3/4 
12.00pm Year 5/6 

Parents are welcome to come and view the event from the top field. Here you will be able to see parts of the run, bike, scooter but most importantly the children crossing the finish line and receiving their medal.  Please do not cross over into the middle of your field to see your child, we will try our best to take photos for you.  If you are taking your child home after the event, please sign them out at the office.

Year 7/8 children will act as buddies for our juniors, helping support them at different times throughout the course and to complete the event. 

The cost for this event is $10. Children will receive a T-shirt and Medal on completion of the event. This can be paid to the office or online to the school bank account 15-3947-0019840-00.  

The SPS Home and School are kindly sponsoring a sausage sizzle and ice block at the completion of this event. 

Marshalls are required at various locations along the course and helpers in the transition areas.  If you are available between the times of 11am-1pm on Wednesday we would love to have your help.  Please let the office or classroom teacher know.

Some children do not have the above to complete the Tryathlon.  If you have any spares that are available, please let us know. We will make sure that they are returned to you on the completion of the event.  At the bike and scooter drop off points we will have an area labelled “Spares”, please place them in these areas. 

Bikes can be picked up at the conclusion of the TRYathlon (approx 1pm) or after school. Please note the pick up point will be on the field behind Room 13 (beside the tennis courts). 

Scooter pick up will be beside the hall on the red court at the conclusion of the TRYathlon (approx 1pm) or after school. 

Please remember this is a TRYathlon where it is about Kids giving it a go. The medals and shirts are given out for participation. We would love 100% attendance and participation for this event.