Academic Results

Updated: 25 February 2020
In 2019, Stratford Primary School reported to parents, whanau and the MoE on the progress of priority learners who were just below expectations for writing and mathematics in Years 3-8. This is illustrated in the Analysis of Variance Report for 2019.

Analysis of Variance Report for 2019:
# Click here to view the Priority Learners Report (Analysis of Variance) for 2019

Analysis of Variance for 2018:
# Stratford Primary School Analysis of Variance 2018
# Results 2018

Stratford Primary School has retained standards for reading, writing and mathematics. These are now known as Stratford Primary School Standards and are aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum for reading, writing and mathematics.

Over the next three years, the school will be tracking the progress of students who were enrolled at the start of 2019. This group will be compared to all new students who enrol over the next three years. In each group, sub groups progress will be tracked for Maori students, Boys, Girls, and New Zealand European. As a staff, our hunch is that the longer students are with us, the more progress students make. While we will also be looking to see what needs new students may require as they enrol at Stratford Primary School across the year levels.

National Standards 2017:
# National Standard Results 2017
# Analysis of Variance 2017

National Standards Results 2016:
# National Standard Results 2016
National Standards NAG2Ab: School strengths and identified areas for improvement, The basis for identifying areas for improvement, Planned actions for lifting achievement, How students are progressing in relation to National Standards.
Analysis of Variance 2016

National Standards Results 2015 (Including trend tables from 2013-2015):