Friday 11 March 2022

Teachers have used today’s Teachers Only Day to look at the new history curriculum with other local schools. This was via Zoom. Teams have also discussed our priority learners for writing. This is part of the writing professional development teachers have been involved in.

Covid-19 Updates:
Currently, we have 14 student cases of Covid-19; most of these students have become infected from their Household. We have 5 staff members who are Household Contacts. A staff member who was islotating as a Household Contact has also become infected.

The key message to all whānau is:
– Keep students home if they are displaying any flu like symptoms. Students who arrive at school looking unwell will be sent home. 
– School is safe for all other students.
– Future school cases will be text to whānau of the class contacts rather than phone calls. 

Future Term Dates:
# Monday 14 March: No School (Taranaki Anniversary)

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Ngā Mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School