Friday 25 February 2022:

Our Year 7/8 ākonga had a great time out at Te Wera. Despite the hot conditions (and a sore head for one of our parents) they had a lot of fun. Highlights included the mud run and water slide. Our Year 5/6 ākonga spent three days at Vertical Horizons testing their confidence on the high ropes and many other activities.

A huge thank you to all our whānau who supported the camps. Taking time off work to have two nights of poor sleeping is great dedication. Special mention must go to some parents who attended camps without their children because classes were short of adults. Awesome community spirit. Thank you to all the staff who organised and/or attended the camps. It was a fantastic team effort by everyone.

Next week we have the SPS Weetbix TRYathlon. If you have missed any of the information check out the school website. Touch also started last week. If you are unsure of the draw or teams, go to the school website for updated information. 

Future Term Dates:
# Monday 28 February and Tuesday 1 March: Teachers are involved in writing professional development 
# Wednesday 2 March: Girls Cricket Festival (SPS Girls 1st XI)
# Thursday 3 March: SPS TRYathlon
# Friday 4 March: Boys Cricket Festival (SPS Boys 1st XI)
# Friday 11 March: No school (Teachers are involved in training with other local Kahui Ako Schools)
# Monday 14 March: No school (Taranaki Anniversary)

Covid-19 Updates:
A number of Taranaki schools have already been affected by the latest Omicron outbreak. Schools have not closed, rather household contacts of cases have been sent home to isolate. 

At this stage, we have not had cases at Stratford Primary School. When we do have a case, parents of household contacts will be informed that their children and siblings will need to self isolate. We will also let all parents know that there has been a case in one or more of the the four teams. For example, if we have had a case in the Year 7-8 Team. When this occurs it may be of concern for some parents and students. Please note, the school will be flexible around attendance. Parents need to inform the office that their child/children are staying home. 

Parents can go to the school website under Whānau –> Red Traffic Light to find further guidelines around what to do if someone is infected in your house with Covid-19, how we will respond if there is a case at school and what our plans are if we become short staffed. 

Whatever happens, we will get through this as one of our school values is showing resilience. Parents are welcome to ring the school office or myself if they have any questions or worries. 

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Nga Mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School