This Friday we will be having a Pink Shirt Day and Gumboot Day.

Pink Shirt day will continue the discussion students have been exploring around Anti-Bullying. The messages to students has been that hassling and teasing is a form of bullying when it continues over time, is targeted and intentional. In addition to this, bystanders who take no action, behave in way that gives silent approval (watching, nodding, turning a blind eye) and encourage the bullying behaviour to continue. Students have been encouraged to be a positive bystander by discouraging, intervening or reporting bullying.

This Friday is also Gumboot Friday to raise student awareness around kids’ mental health. Having depression is like walking through mud every day. This day is about students having a fun day and joining in the mental health conversation, particularly when we consider the harmful effects of bullying in person or online.

Students have been asked to bring a gold coin donation. Senior Student Leaders will then decide to donate the money to an appropriate charity or organisation that supports to reduce bullying and/or kids mental health issues. 
Term 2 Dates:
Friday 4 June: Ministry of Education Teachers Only Day (No School)
Monday 7 June: Queen’s Birthday
Tuesday 8 June: School finishes at 2.35pm (Winter Term times begin)
Friday 9 July: Term 3 ends at 2.35pm

Please inform the school office if you need your child to stay at school until 2.55pm. Every year we start a fresh with the late bus roll. 

Important messages for this week: We are at Alert Level 1
# School is open for all students and staff
# Golden Hygiene Rules will be followed at school
# Students cannot attend school if they are unwell
# Students will need a drink bottle.

Kind regards
Jason Elder