Friday 8 April 2022

We have had a very settled week at Stratford Primary School. The SPS Team have begun planning for Term 2. Hopefully the Traffic Light settings will change to Orange or Green at the start of Term 2. Draft Orange Traffic Light Guidelines can be found here on the school website

Yesterday information was shared around ‘Phone Interviews’ for early Term 2. Whānau can begin booking their time online. Click here to view how to book an interview

Yesterday, out of 381 tamariki we had:
294 tamariki were present at school
29 tamariki were Home Learning (Including Household Contacts)
38 tamariki were sick (Generally unwell or away with Covid)
14 tamariki were at home as their whānau are worried about Covid-19
2 tamariki are overseas
Whānau of 4 tamariki have still not contacted the school. Please remember to let the office know where your children are. Remember, we have a free 0800 number you can ring. 0800-000-352.

Future Term Dates:
# Wednesday: Turnbull Cup Swimming Finals
# Thursday: Kapa Haka; End of Term 1 at 2.55pm
# Monday 2 May: Term 2 starts at 8.45am (Winter Term starts so school finishes at 2.35pm for Term 2 and 3)

Term 2 starts as the Winter Term: The school offers a ‘Late Bus Class’. This is where ākonga are supervised with a teacher from 2.35 – 2.55pm if whānau are struggling to pick up their tamariki at 2.35pm due to work. If you would like you tamariki added to the ‘Late Bus Class’, please contact the Office Team. This list needs to be finalised before Monday 11 April (last week of Term 1).

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Ngā Mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School