Kia Ora Whānau

It is great to see so many excited tamariki who have been attending today’s Goal Setting Meetings. 

On Friday, we received further guidelines around students wearing masks in school. Here is the latest update.

# All staff are required to wear a mask when working with Year 5-8 students. In a few weeks, all staff will be mandated to wear a specific health mask.

# All staff working in Year 1-4 have the option of wearing a mask around students, however it is not mandated. For example, Teachers and Support Staff working with Year 1-2 (Room 9, Room 10, Room 11, Room 13 and Room 14) and Year 3-4 (Room 15, Room 18, Room 19, Room 20) will not have to wear a mask when working with students.  

Students and Masks: Schools have flexibility around students wearing a mask in composite classes that have Year 1-3 students and Year 4+ students. At Stratford Primary School, we have four classes who have a mixture of Year 3 and Year 4 students; Room 15, Room 18 Room 19 and Room 20. After discussions between the Board, Leadership Team and Team Leaders it was decided that Year 4 students will not have to wear a mask. Parents, please be aware that every school will have a slightly different take on this matter.

Students required to wear masks: This is subject to changes from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.
# Year 5-6 and Year 7-8 are required to wear a mask when inside. Students will not wear a mask when they are eating, drinking or exercising in the hall.

# At Stratford Primary School we recommend Year 4 students wear a mask (e.g. This is optional for Year 4’s).

# Year 1-3 students do not have to wear a mask. Students still have the option of wearing a mask but teachers will not be enforcing it.

What mask do they need? Students can wear a mask that fits their face. At this stage, students do not have to wear a specific type of mask.

My child is anxious about wearing a mask: Teachers will be supporting students over the coming weeks. I encourage parents to contact their child’s classroom teacher via email if they have any concerns. Click here to see staff emails

My child is exempt from wearing a mask: Some Year 5-8 students may be exempt from wearing a mask. Teachers will be educating students around why some people do not wear masks. Follow these steps if you child has a mask exemption:
* Email the classroom teacher with the exemption card. Parents do not need to provide a reason but they can if they wish to. Click here to view mask exemption guidelines
* Educate your child about healthy practices when they have a mask exemption e.g. social distancing, regularly washing their hands,
* Optional: Students exempt from wearing a mask will not have to wear a lanyard around their neck or badge like adults.

Mask Education for students: Kea KidsMask song for kids

Issues with mask wearing: My son/daughter comes home and says their friend is not wearing a mask because they have a mask exemption. They put pressure on their parents to not have to wear a mask. Can they get an exemption? No, student mask exemption has to follow the Covid-19 exemption process. If you have issues around this please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Further updates have been added around sickness, cases of Covid-19, etc. Click here to see Stratford Primary Schools ‘Red Traffic Light’ Protocols. Please note, all guidelines are subject to change based on MoE and MoH Guidelines. 

School Phone:
We have had some issues lately with one of the school phone lines. If you are finding the school phone is not working, please email and a staff member will come back to you as soon as possible.  

Key Dates: Week 1
# Monday 31 January: Goal setting day
# Tuesday 1 February: School starts at 8.55am. Students need to be at school by 8.45am (Please note the powhiri has been cancelled).

Nga Mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School