Kia Ora Whānau

After sending last weeks Traffic Light Guidelines for Orange, we have since moved to the Red Traffic Light. 

Here are the ‘Red Traffic Light Guidelines’: 

Can I come onto the school grounds to drop my children off or pick them up?
# We prefer parents stay off the school grounds for drop offs and pick ups due to issues around managing contact tracing and potential risk at the Red Traffic Light Setting. However, if your child is anxious, parents can come on to the school grounds. Remember to:

Can I come into school and see the teacher?
# Yes you can. Follow these simple steps:

  • Email the teacher to make a suitable time. The teacher will explain where to meet and what time. This will usually be after school in the classroom or in a meeting room when all other children have left the school.
  • In an emergency, come straight to the Office.
  • Always follow the protocols for coming on to the school grounds.

Can I volunteer to support class or school events such as sports events and camps? 
# Yes you can. However, any volunteer must be police vetted and have a valid Covid 19 Passport. The Covid 19 Passport is a mandate all schools must follow. Contact the office for further details about being a parent volunteer. 

Wearing a Mask is the biggest change at Red Alert Level. 
# All staff are required to wear a mask when working with Year 4-8 students. In a few weeks, all staff will be mandated to wear a specific health mask. Teachers and Support Staff working with Year 1-2 students will not have to wear a mask when working with students. This includes staff who work with Year 3 students away from the normal classroom. 

# Students in Year 4, Year 5-6 and Year 7-8 are required to wear a mask when inside. Students will not wear a mask when they are eating, drinking or exercising in the hall.

  • What mask do they need? Students can wear a mask that fits their face. At this stage, students do not have to wear a specific type of mask.
  • My child is anxious about wearing a mask: Teachers will be supporting students over the coming weeks. I encourage parents to contact their child’s classroom teacher via email if they have any concerns. Click here to see staff emails
  • My child is exempt from wearing a mask: Some students may be exempt from wearing a mask. Teachers will be educating students around why some people do not wear masks. Students exempt from wearing a mask will not have to wear a lanyard around their neck or badge like adults. If your child is exempt from wearing a mask please email the classroom teacher. Please provide a reason for the exemption. Please note: We are still waiting for further Ministry advice on exemptions for students. Click here to view mask exemption guidelines
  • Student videos about wearing a mask: Kea KidsMask song for kids

Goal setting meetings are on Monday:
# Parents are able to come on site.
# We ask parents to wait outside classrooms to avoid crossing over with other families.
# Parents attending meetings in Room 9, Room 10, Room 11 and Room 13 are able to wait inside the corridors. 
# Remember to: Wear a mask, social distance and use the QR Code. 
# If you have not booked a time, click here to view how to make a booking

Can parents attend assemblies:
No. Schools are not allowed to hold large indoor gatherings at Red or Orange. However, we are going to try outside assemblies. In Red, this will be just for staff and students. In Orange, parents will be able to attend assemblies that are held outside.  

Other Reminders:
# School App: The school app is a valuable resource. A weekly notice is sent out from Mr Jason Elder the Principal, and every fortnight this includes a link to the school newsletter. Other notices are also sent out via this forum. You will need to sign up for syndicate notices and sporting code notices if applicable.  Do you need assistance? Come and see the office staff, they will be happy to help. Alternatively go to this website link and follow the instructions. (

Key Dates: Week 1
# Monday 31 January: Goal setting day
# Tuesday 1 February: School starts at 8.55am. Students need to be at school by 8.45am (Please note the powhiri has been cancelled).

Nga Mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School