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Updated Wednesday 27 July 2022:
(Disclaimer: Please note, all guidelines are subject to change based on MoE and MoH Guidelines).

Key Points:

  • Unwell tamariki will be sent home.
  • MASKS are optional for staff and tamariki at Stratford Primary School. Read Jason Elder’s comment on this below…

Masks: Sent home on Friday 22 July via the School App and on the School Website.
The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education are highly recommending that Year 4-8 tamariki wear masks at school over the next four weeks. Stratford Primary School will be taking a pragmatic approach to mask wearing as this is not mandated. Whānau and tamariki in Yr 5-8 can decide if they want to wear a mask at school. We have a supply for tamariki to use over this period of time. 


When you need to begin your isolation.

You need to being your isolation at the same time as the person in your house who has Covid-19.

You do not need to isolate as a household contact if:

  • you have had Covid-19 in the last 90 days and have recovered
  • it has been less than 10 days since your last isolation as a household contact.

If more than 10 days have passed since your isolation ended, you will need to isolate again as a household contact.

Please note that the above information is as per the Ministry of Health and Covid-19 Health Hub at the time of this update.

Click here to read the advice on what to do when you or your children contact Covid-19.

Please inform the school when this happens and share what day is Day 0 and Day 7.