Friday 31 May 2019 (No. 9)

Dear Parents, Whānau, and Caregivers
On Wednesday our teachers along with other primary and secondary school teachers went on strike. While we regret the inconvenience we know this caused, principals and teachers across the country feel they need to send a clear message to the Government that they are standing strong for our students. Already children’s education is suffering because of the difficulty in recruiting teachers and relievers, and we must take bold steps to turn this around. There is no reason to make our children wait while the situation deteriorates further.

Through our union, NZEI Te Riu Roa, we are asking for:
● Smaller classes, so our children can get more
one-on-one attention
● More resources and staffing to adequately
support children with additional learning needs
– this will benefit all children because teachers
will be freed to spend more one-on-one time
with every student
● A significant increase in teachers’ salaries so
that they are properly valued for their
qualifications and responsibilities, and as a
country we can recruit and retain teachers.
We appreciate your continued support on this important
issue. For more information, please go to or talk with your
child’s teacher.

Newsletter No.9 Friday 31 May 2019