Friday 9 August 2019 (No. 14)

Dear Parents, Whānau, and Caregivers

As part of regular review process, the PB4L Team are seeking parent, student and teacher feedback on our approaches to Anti Bullying.

What does PB4L stand for? Positive Behaviour for Learning. Stratford Primary School is a Tier 2 PB4L School, who have successfully implemented strategies to reduce bullying and ensure the school is safe for students so they can learn. The school has been assessed by an external provider which resulted being moved up to the Tier 2 status in 2018. This means we have good systems in place to keep kids safe and we regularly review our school culture.

As part of an annual review that started in 2018, the PB4L Team will share a parent survey via the school app, facebook and via email using the Survey Money Questionnaire Tool.

Newsletter No.14 Friday 9 August 2019