Thursday 23 June 2022

Kia Ora Whānau

I hope everyone enjoys Matariki tomorrow. Here is a great resource to educate your tamariki about Matariki, click here to view the Te Papa Website

Food in Schools Programme:
Stratford Primary School is an Enviro School. We are committed towards sustainable practices, which includes waste minimisation. We are concerned with the increasing waste from leftover lunches. What appears to be happening is that whānau are sending their tamariki to school with a full lunch box even though they are on the Food in School’s Programme. Please can whānau stop doing this or inform the classroom teacher that their tamariki will need to come off the Food in School roll. 

Next term, tamariki on the Food in School Programme will need to bring an empty lunch box to school. Any waste from cold lunches will then go home at the end of the day. In addition to this, if teachers notice tamariki are continuingly not eating their school lunch, whānau will be contacted to take them off the roll. 

Learning Journey Reports and Individual Education Plans (IEPs):
Next Friday (1 July 2022), ākonga will bring home their Learning Journey or IEP Report. This provides whānau with an opportunity to talk with their tamariki about what is going well and areas for improvement.

The Learning Journey Report includes comments about their progress as an AIM High Learner, including the SPS Values and Reading, Writing and Mathematics. When reading the academic section, teachers have commented on what the student is doing well and their next steps. The goal is for students to be ‘working within’ or ‘exceeding’ the curriculum milestone, particularly by the time students leave SPS as a Year 8. Some ākonga will be working towards the milestone, which means they have a few gaps that they need to work on. Some other students may be working towards the milestone, with support. This means the student requires teachers and parents to work closely to support them in making smaller steps forward. 

If whānau have any questions about their child’s Learning Journey Report, please contact the classroom teacher. 

School Donations Scheme: 
Stratford Primary School is part of the School Donations Scheme. This is where the Government pays an additional $150 per child to attend school. Funding goes towards employing additional teacher aide support, learning materials for our tamariki and covers increasing costs for running a large school. As part of the scheme, SPS does not ask whānau for a school donation like some other schools. However, we still have whānau who support the school with a voluntary donation. To support the ongoing cost of providing quality camps, we still ask for a whānau donation to ensure they can keep going. Stratford Primary School is looking to continue to be part of the School Donation Scheme in 2023. To find out more click here or visit the school website. 

We have had a drop in staff cases this week. Let us all still be vigilant around general sickness. Overall Covid-19 Numbers for Term 2 are: 
Ākonga cases= 70
Staff cases= 16

Future Term Dates:
# Monday 27 June: Board Meeting at 5.30pm in the Conference Room
# Thursday 30 June: Kapa Haka
# Friday 1 July: Year 5-6 Sports Exchange v Welbourn (away)
# Friday 8 July: End of Term 2 at 2.35pm

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Ngā Mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School