Monday 15 January 2024

Tēnā Koutou Katoa

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holiday period. This message will support whānau (families) and their tamariki (children) prepare for school, which starts in just over two weeks on Tuesday 30 January.

New Enrolments for 2024:
New enrolments will be completed on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 January from 9 – 12pm. To find out more information and to book a time please email the Office Team ( 

Whānau Day: Meat Donations and Hangi Help
# On Friday 9 February, we will be holding our annual Whānau Day, which includes a school hangi. To make our day a success we rely on the support from our school whānau/community. Being a Green/Gold Kura, we aim to be as sustainable as we can.
# Hangi helpers on the day (hangi pit/servers/kitchen crew). If you are able to help on the day or have any queries please contact Whaea Sheenagh 0272048900 or email
# Urgent Donations of meat – beef, lamb or pork (Contact Whaea Sheenagh if you can donate any meat).
# Whānau Attending: Please contact  the office by Monday 5 February if you would like to receive a small sample of hangi. You will need to collect a token on or before Wednesday 7 February 2024.  Each person will need to have their own token. The token will be handed in on the day to collect your hangi sample. 

KDJ Catering Lunches: As advertised late last year, we have a new provider for school lunches. Our tamariki loved the samples they tried towards the end of Term 4. We will start with all tamariki to participating in the programme. If your child/children have any food allergies, please contact the school office. Please note, school lunches start on Wednesday 31 January. 

Classroom Stationery Lists: If you are missing your tamarikis stationery list, visit the school website for a copy. Click here to view. 

Hats/Sunscreen/Drink Bottles: All tamariki need to come to school with a named hat, sunscreen and named drink bottle. Classrooms will have extra sunscreen. 

Monday 29 January is Goal Setting Day: Whānau (Parents) need to book a time ASAP. Tamariki (children) need to attend these important Goal Setting Meetings. This is a great chance to set learning goals for the start of the new school year. To book a time click the following link…
# Enter the code: bbdyb
# Enter your details and select the number of bookings you would like to make, including your child/children’s names.
# Select the teachers and choose a time by ticking a blank box.
# If you have any issues booking a time please contact the Office Team.

Tuesday 30 January is the first school day for 2024:
# School starts at 8.45am.
# There are no school lunches on this day.
# All new whānau (families) are welcome to come into school and attend the school powhiri, which will be held in the school hall at around 10.30am. Whānau will meet Mr Jason Elder outside the hall entrance just before 10.30am.
# School will finish at 2.55pm in Term 1.

Look out for weekly messages that will be shared on the School App every Friday. The next message will be sent on Friday 26 January. 

Important Links:
# Staff contact emails
Enrolment for Out of Zone Students
# Notices/Team Newsletters/School Bank Details/How to use the School App
School Newsletters
# School 0800 Number: 0800-000-352

Ngā Mihi

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Jason Elder – Principal Principal
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