Friday 11 February 2022

Kia Ora Whānau

Yesterday, we held the School Hangi Day. This was a great success because of the many people involved in organising the day. A massive thank you to Whaea Sheenagh and whānau who prepared the Hangi for our tamariki. It was special to see the involvement from our senior tamariki who helped dig the hangi hole, prepare the vegetables with staff and serve all the classes on the day. We now look forward to holding Hangi Day in 2023 where hopefully we can invite whānau to be apart of the day. 

Hangi Area: The Board has received TET Funding to develop a permanent hangi area at the back of the school. This site will store wood and stones, while also serve as a learning area for our tamariki. A concept will be designed and shared with whānau later this term. 

Sports are starting soon: Keep looking out for sports notices. We are endeavouring to keep sports going despite being in the Red Traffic Light setting. 

EOTC Camps: In Week 4, the Year 7-8 Team will be attending the Te Wera Camp, while the Year 5-6 Team are visiting Vertical Horizons. These camps will be held under strict protocols e.g. sick children will have to be sent home. Despite the challenges of being in the Red Traffic Light setting, the school is pushing ahead to keep these opportunities going for our tamariki. 

Future Term Dates:
# Monday 14 February: Board Meeting at 5.30pm
# Thursday 17 and Friday 18 February: Year 3-4 EOTC 
# Monday 21 February: Year 7-8 Camp Week starts
# Wednesday 23 February: Year 5-6 Camp starts

Red Traffic Light Guidelines Update: Student Sickness

  1. A child arrives at school looking unwell: Staff are to observe children on arrival, checking for symptoms. Students showing the following symptoms; New or worsening cough; Sneezing and runny nose; Fever; Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste; Sore throat; Shortness of breath. 
  2. Teachers will send students to the office to be assessed.
  3. Students sent home with symptoms will need a negative Covid-19 Test to return to school.

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Ngā mihi nui 

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School