Wednesday 9 March 2022

Kia Ora Whānau

Since our last message from Friday, there has been further confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our school community. At the time of writing this message, we have 13 confirmed cases. Most of these cases have been from Household Contacts. We also have four staff members self isolating as Household Contacts. 

This afternoon, we contacted parents in one of our Year 7-8 classes as an extra precaution. A student was a confirmed case but they have not been at school since Monday.

The Office Team have really appreciated the fantastic support from whānau. Today, we have 64 students away. This number continues to decline, which is great because school is a safe place to be. Remember, the key message is to keep children home when they are symptomatic. 

Symptoms of COVID-19
# A new or worsening cough
# Sneezing and runny nose
# A fever
# Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
# Sore throat
# Shortness of breath

What to do when your child is a positive case, or self isolating as a Household Contact:
# Include information that tells us ‘Day 1’ in your message. Day 0 is the day that the positive case first showed symptoms, or returned a positive result if they showed no symptoms. So Day 1 is the next day.

  • For example, a student might show symptoms on Friday night, and get a test Saturday morning. Friday is Day 0, and Saturday is Day 1. 
  • In another example, a student has no symptoms but returns a positive test on Wednesday, this is Day 0. Day 1 is then Thursday.
  • In another example, someone in the household tests positive on Thursday, the student has to self-isolate as a household contact and Thursday is Day 0. 
  • Note that students who have tested positive or are household contacts can return to school on Day 11, and not before. This means they have completed 10 days isolation. This will be reduced to 7 days on Friday at midnight. No negative test results are needed to return to school but students should only come back on Day 11 (Or day 8 from Friday at midnight) if they are well. 
  • If a student is initially a household contact, and then tests positive, please advise us of their new ‘Day 1’. 

Please continue to monitor for symptoms, stay at home if unwell, get tested, and contact us if there is a positive case in your family.

Nga mihi

Jason Elder
Stratford Primary School