Parents have been given an exemption to watch the cross country from the top field, please read below. Remember, we encourage parents to wear masks. Please stay away if unwell.

Weather: Please check the School App, website and facebook page if the weather looks doubtful. 

11.15am  Girls 9 and Under (2km)
11.25am  Boys 9 and Under (2km)
11.40am  Girls 10 Year olds (2km)
11.50am  Boys 10 Year olds (2km)
12.00pm  Girls 11 Year olds (3km)
12.15pm  Boys 11 Year olds (3km)
12.30pm  Girls 12 and 13 Year olds (3km)
12.45pm. Boys 12 and 13 Year olds (3km)

Please take note of these key points for us to be able to comply with regulations as spectators: 
# There will be two viewing areas for parents, whānau and grandparents to view races. 
# When entering a viewing area, adults need to follow these instructions:
a. You can only enter and exit from one area.  This area will be on the bank of the top field by the caretakers shed and will be clearly marked and roped off. 
b. You will need to sign into this area using the QR code or on the register available on the desk.
c. Sanitise your hands when checking in. 
d. You will need to apply 2m social distancing from others while in this area. 
e. DO NOT change viewing pens. 

Parents CANNOT cross over to see your child/children AT ANY STAGE during this event. If you wish to take your child/children home, they will need to be signed out from the office and you can meet them there. As soon as your children have raced, please leave the area immediately as we are required to keep the area under 100 people. Please note this is not our first choice on how this event should be run. We understand you will want to see and congratulate your child but please respect these rules and just support all our children and school for making this event happen. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

Other Updates:
Newsletter Correction:
 The next Board meeting will be on Monday 1 November at 5.30pm in the staffroom.

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