Our Vision for Stratford Learners


In 2018, the Stratford Primary School Board of Trustees consulted with teachers and whānau on the school’s future direction.  A vision is currently being developed around initial consultation.

The next step in Term One 2019 is to consult with the schoolwide community and Year 5-8 students on the future direction of the school. As a result of this consultation a clearer picture will emerge to guide future decision making.

Developing Vision:

Our children will develop into young adults who…
# Are community minded
# Live by their values
# Have choices in the workforce (skills and dispositions)
# Can achieve their dreams, hopes and ambitions
# Are conscious of preserving our environment through sustainable lifestyle practices.

Further emerging ideas have included the development of Learner Agency and Differentiation as the teaching vehicle to enable students to know themselves as learners (learning dispositions).

Strategic Plan 2019-2021