Friday 26 July 2019 (No. 13)

Dear Parents, Whānau, and Caregivers

Welcome back to students, parents, caregivers and whanau as we start Term 3. As we are right in the middle of winter, here are a few friendly reminders to keep our kids (and staff) healthy and safe over the term:

● Students need to come to school with shoes and socks on. No student should turn up to school in
jandals or even bare feet. A student will easily get sick if their feet and head are not warm.

● Keep kids safe during drop offs and pick ups from school. We encourage everyone to use the
school crossing.

● During winter months, the flu can easily go through a school. If your child is unwell keep
them home. Do not forget to contact the office when your child/children are away. Please
provide a Doctors certificate if they will be away more than 3 days.

Newsletter No.13 Friday 26 July 2019